Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Getting Started Guide

ProcedureTo define the JDBC connection pool

Before running the sample application, you need to define a suitable JDBC connection pool that maps to the PointBase database server. You also need a JDBC resource that associates the JDBC references made in the sample application to the JDBC connection pool definition.

  1. Through a web browser, access the administration server interface.

    Note –

    You might have to start the administration server if it is not running.

  2. Select the Java tab in the server instance and click on JDBC Connection Pools

    Figure 7–1 Creating New JDBC Connection Pool

    Creating new JDBC connection pool

  3. Click New, and select the JDBC driver, as shown in Figure 7-2: Selecting the JDBC Driver:

    Figure 7–2 Selecting the JDBC Driver

    Selecting the JDBC driver

  4. In the Add New JDBC Connection Pools page, specify the following settings and the rest unmodified:

    • jdbc-simple-pool as the name of the new connection pool.

      • jdbc:pointbase:server://localhost/sample as database name

      • PBPUBLIC as the user name

      • PBPUBLIC as the password

      • Transaction Isolation set to read-committed

    Figure 7–3 JDBC Connection Pool — General Information

    JDBC Connection pool — general information

  5. Click OK and then Apply to save and apply your changes.