Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Getting Started Guide

ProcedureTo deploy a simple application

  1. Use a text editor to create a file called index.asp and copy the following lines into it:

    <h1> Today’s date is :<%response.write (date())%> </h1>
  2. Create a directory for this program.

    mkdir /opt/casp/sampleapp
  3. Copy the index.asp file into the newly created /opt/casp/sampleapp directory.

  4. Access the Active Server Pages Server interface on a browser and click on the “Add a new application” link.

    Figure 9–2 ASP Console — Adding a New application

    ASP console — Adding a new application

  5. In the Add Application page, specify sample as the name of the application and /opt/casp/sampleapp as the directory name, and then click Save.

    Figure 9–3 ASP Application — General Information

    ASP application — general information

  6. Open a browser window and type the following URL:


    The sample application displays the current date in the browser.

    Figure 9–4 Sample ASP

    Sample ASP