Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Installation and Migration Guide

ProcedureTo unpack the files

  1. Insert the Sun Java System Web Server CD in the drive.

  2. Change to the CD-ROM directory. For example:

    cd /cdrom

  3. Change to the directory on the CD labeled with your UNIX operating system. For example:

    cd Solaris_Sparc

  4. Change to the installation directory. For example:

    cd SUNWwbsvr

  5. Copy the tar file, sunw-webserver-6.1.< platform-name >.tar, from the CD to your home directory or a temporary directory. For example:

    cp sun-webserver-6.1.sol.tar /tmp/SUNWwbinstall

    Note –

    Untarring the file will cause the permissions of the destination directory to be modified so that applications can no longer write files to it. To avoid this problem, untar the file in a directory where you can modify the permissions. For example, instead of /tmp, use a subdirectory under /tmp, for example, /tmp/SUNWwbinstall.

    Copying the file may take some time.

  6. Change to the directory on your UNIX machine where you copied the file. For example:

    cd /tmp/SUNWwbinstall

  7. Untar the file by typing tar -xvf filename. For example:

    tar -xvf sun-webserver-6.1.sol.tar

    This command unpacks the server files and creates a temporary directory structure under the current directory. Unpacking the file may take a little time. When the files are unpacked, you see a /WebServer and a /lib directory, and the following files:

    • README.txt

      • 3RD-PARTY-LICENSE.txt

      • LICENSE.txt

      • setup

      • installWrapper

      • setup.inf

      • template.inf.