Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Installation and Migration Guide

Using Uninstall on UNIX

You can remove Sun Java System Web Server from your computer by using the uninstall application.

Caution – Caution –

Though you can select individual subcomponents to uninstall, Sun does not recommended. The uninstaller only removes the parts of the code pertaining to the selected subcomponent, but does not update configuration files. Your server may not run if you uninstall individual subcomponents.

ProcedureTo remove your Sun Java System Web Server

  1. Go to your server root and type ./uninstall.

    A list of Sun Java System servers currently installed in this location appears.

  2. Find Sun Java System Web Server in the list and type the number next to it at the prompt.

    Note that uninstalling Sun Java System Web Server automatically uninstalls the Administration Server, since it is an instance of Sun Java System Web Server.

    A list of installed Sun Java System Web Server subcomponents appears.

  3. Select all subcomponents and press Return.

    The subcomponents are uninstalled and you return to the command prompt.

    Note –

    The uninstall program does not remove every server file. For example, it does not remove keys and certificates, configuration files, logs, ACL files or the document root.