Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Installation and Migration Guide

Migrating Settings and Data

Caution – Caution –

Shut down the server instances before migrating.

ProcedureTo migrate settings and data from a 6.0 to the Sun Java System Web Server 6.1

  1. In the Administration Server page, click the Migrate Servers tab.

  2. Click Migrate Server.

    Figure 5–1 Migrate Server Page

    Migrate Server Page

  3. Enter the server root of the server from which you want to migrate and click Search. For example:



    Sun Java System Web Server detects whether there are server instances installed in the directory you specified and displays the servers you can migrate in a section of the page called “Installed Servers.” You cannot migrate the Administration Server.

  4. Choose a server from the drop-down list and click Migrate.

    Figure 5–2 Select a Server to Migrate

    Select a Server to Migrate

  5. In the new Migration parameters window that is launched, specify the migration parameters.

    Figure 5–3 Specify the Migration parameters

    Specify the migration parameters

    The sections on the form that you see depend upon which features your 6.0 Web Server is using and which components you installed. The following sections of parameters are possible:

    • General Migration Parameters

      • Document Root

      • Java

        For more information, see the Migration Parameters Page in the online help.

  6. Click Migrate.

    The Migrate server_name page appears. It shows the results of the migration, including the parameters successfully migrated and the parameters that you need to migrate manually. It also shows any features of your 6.0 server that are not supported in 6.1.

    If you get fatal errors during migration, migrating continues. The results page shows what errors occurred and you can use this information to troubleshoot.

  7. Click Configure Migrated Server to configure your migrated server instance in the Server Manager, or click Close to close the migration window.