Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP10 Reverse Proxy Plug-in Release Notes

Example 1

This configuration will proxy the URI “/example” if it does not exist locally. A local copy of “/example” is preferred to a remote copy:

<Object name="default">
# Assign the URI "/example" (and any more specific URIs; 
# /example/foo.html, /example/qwe.jsp, etc) the object name
# "" 
NameTrans fn="assign-name"



# Execute these instructions for any resource with the assigned name
# ""
<Object name="">

# Check to see if a local copy of the requested resource exists. Only
# proxy the request if there is not a local copy.
ObjectType fn="check-passthrough"

# Proxy the requested resource to the URL
# "" only if the "type" has been set to
# "magnus-internal-passthrough"
Service type="magnus-internal/passthrough"