Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


This file contains instructions for the Sun Java System Web Server about how to handle HTTP requests from clients and service web server content such as native server plug-ins and CGI programs. The server checks the configuration defined by this file every time it processes a request from a client.

This file contains a series of instructions (directives) that tell the Sun Java System Web Server what to do at each stage in the request-response process.You can modify and extend the request handling process by adding or changing the instructions in obj.conf.

Note –

The maximum line length limit in obj.conf file is 800 characters.

All obj.conf files are located in the server_root/config directory. There is one obj.conf file for each virtual server class. Whenever this guide refers to "the obj.conf file," it refers to all obj.conf files or to the obj.conf file for the virtual server class described.

By default, each active obj.conf file is named vs_class-obj.conf. Editing one of these files directly or through the Administration interface changes the configuration of a virtual server class.

The obj.conf file is essential to the operation of the Sun Java System Web Server. When you make changes to the server through the Administration interface, the system automatically updates obj.conf.

For information about how the server uses obj.conf, see Chapter 4, Predefined SAFs in obj.conf.