Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


This section lists the directives in magnus.conf that affect requests for CGI programs. The directives are:


This directive specifies the maximum time in seconds that CGI processes are allowed to run before being killed.

The value of CGIExpirationTimeout should not be set too low— 300 seconds (5 minutes) would be a good value for most interactive CGIs; but if you have CGIs that are expected to take longer without misbehaving, then you should set it to the maximum duration you expect a CGI program to run normally. A value of 0 disables CGI expiration, which means that there is no time limit for CGI processes.

Note that on Windows platforms init-cgi time-out does not work, so you must use CGIExpirationTimeout.




This directive causes the server to kill any CGIStub processes that have been idle for the number of seconds set by this directive. Once the number of processes is at MinCGIStubs, the server does not kill any more processes.



CGIWaitPid (UNIX Only)

For UNIX platforms, when CGIWaitPid is set to on, the action for the SIGCHLD signal is the system default action for the signal. If a NSAPI plug-in fork/execs a child process, it should call waitpid with its child process pid when CGIWaitPid is enabled to avoid leaving “defunct” processes when its child process terminates. When CGIWaitPid is enabled, the SHTML engine waits explicitly on its exec cmd child processes. Note that this directive has no effect on CGI.




Controls the maximum number of CGIStub processes the server can spawn. This is the maximum concurrent CGIStub processes in execution, not the maximum number of pending requests. The default value should be adequate for most systems. Setting this too high may actually reduce throughput.




Controls the number of processes that are started by default. The first CGIStub process is not started until a CGI program has been accessed. Note that if you have an init-cgi directive in the magnus.conf file, the minimum number of CGIStub processes are spawned at startup. The value must be less than the MaxCGIStubs value.




WinCGI processes that take longer than this value are terminated when this timeout (in seconds) expires.