Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


Applicable in PathCheck-class directives.

The find-index function investigates whether the requested path is a directory. If it is, the function searches for an index file in the directory, and then changes the path to point to the index file. If no index file is found, the server generates a directory listing.

Note that if the file obj.conf has a NameTrans directive that calls home-page, and the requested directory is the root directory, then the home page rather than the index page is returned to the client.

The find-index function does nothing if there is a query string, if the HTTP method is not GET, or if the path is that of a valid file.


The following table describes parameters for the find-index function.

Table 4–21 find-index Parameters




Comma-separated list of index file names to look for. Use spaces only if they are part of a file name. Do not include spaces before or after the commas. This list is case-sensitive if the file system is case-sensitive. 


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions.


PathCheck fn=find-index index-names=index.html,home.html