Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


Applicable in PathCheck-class directives.

The set-virtual-index function specifies a virtual index for a directory, which determines the URL forwarding. The index can refer to a LiveWire application, a servlet in its own namespace, a Sun™ Java System Application Server applogic, and so on.

REQ_NOACTION is returned if none of the URIs listed in the from parameter match the current URI. REQ_ABORTED is returned if the file specified by the virtual-index parameter is missing, or if the current URI cannot be found. REQ_RESTART is returned if the current URI matches any one of the URIs mentioned in the from parameter, or if there is no from parameter.


The following table describes parameters for the set-virtual-index function.

Table 4–30 set-virtual-index Parameters




URI of the content generator that acts as an index for the URI the user enters. 


(Optional) Comma-separated list of URIs for which this virtual-index is applicable. If from is not specified, the virtual-index always applies.


(Optional) Common to all obj.conf functions.


# MyLWApp is a LiveWire applicationPathCheck fn=set-virtual-index virtual-index=MyLWApp