Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Configuration File Reference


In this example, whenever the server receives a request for any resource containing the substring secret that resides in D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/nikki/ or a subdirectory thereof, it searches for a configuration file called checkaccess.nsconfig.

The server starts the search in the directory D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/nikki, and searches subdirectories too. It loads each instance of checkaccess.nsconfig that it finds, applying the access control rules contained therein to determine whether the client is allowed to access the requested resource.

<Object ppath="*secret*"> 
PathCheck fn="load-config" file="checkaccess.nsconfig" 
basedir="D:/Sun/WebServer61/server1/docs/nikki" descend="1"