Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Adding Group Members

ProcedureTo add members to a group (LDAP services only)

  1. Access the Administration Server and choose the Users and Groups tab.

  2. Click Manage Groups.

  3. Locate the group you want to manage as described in Finding Group Entries, and click Edit under Group Members.

    Sun Java System Web Server displays a new form that enables you to search for entries. If you want to add user entries to the list, make sure Users are shown in the Find drop-down list. If you want to add group entries to the group, make sure Group is shown.

  4. In the right-most text field, enter a search string. Enter any of the following options:

    • A name: Enter a full name or a partial name. All entries whose name matches the search string is returned. If no such entries are found, all entries that contain the search string are found. If no such entries are found, any entries that sounds like the search string are found.

    • A user ID: if you are searching for user entries.

    • A telephone number. If you enter only a partial number, any entries that have telephone numbers ending in the search number are returned.

    • An email address: Any search string containing an at (@) symbol is assumed to be an email address. If an exact match cannot be found, then a search is performed to find all email addresses that begin with the search string.

    • Enter either an asterisk (*) or simply leave this text field blank to see all of the entries or groups currently residing in your directory.

    • Any LDAP search filter: Any string that contains an equal sign (=) is considered to be a search filter.

  5. Click Find and Add to find all the matching entries and add them to the group.

    If the search returns any entries that you do not want add to the group, click the box in the Remove from list? column. You can also construct a search filter to match the entries you want remove and then click Find and Remove.

  6. When the list of group members is complete, click Save Changes.

    The currently displayed entries are now members of the group.

    For more information about adding groups members, see the Edit Members page in the online help.