Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Turning Off Access Control

When you uncheck the option labeled “Access control is on,” you see a prompt asking if you want to erase records in the ACL. When you click OK, the server deletes the ACL entry for that resource from the ACL file.

If you want to deactivate an ACL, you can comment out the ACL lines in the generated-https-server-id.acl file by putting # signs at the beginning of each line.

From the Administration Server, you could create and turn on access control for a specific server instance and leave it off (which is the default) for other servers. For example, you could deny access to the Server Manager pages from the Administration Server. With distributed administration setting turned on and access control turned off by default for any other servers, administrators could still access and configure other servers, but they cannot configure the Administration Server.

Note –

The access control is performed in addition to the user being part of the administrators group for distributed administration. The Administration Server first checks that a user (other than superuser) is in the administrators group, and then evaluates the access control rules.