Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Restricting Access to a File Type

You can limit access to file types on your server or web site. For example, you might wish to allow only specific users to create programs that run on your server. Anyone would be able to run the programs, but only specified users in the group would be able create or delete them.

To limit access to a file type, using the steps described for setting access control for a server instance, you would:

ProcedureTo limit access to a file type

  1. Use the Server Manager to select the server instance.

  2. Choose the Preferences tab.

  3. Click the Restrict Access link.

  4. Click Wildcard in the Pick a resource section and enter a wildcard pattern.

    For example, *.cgi.

  5. Click Edit Access Control.

  6. Create a new rule to allow read access to all users.

  7. Create another rule that allows write and delete access only to a specific group.

  8. Submit and Apply your changes.

    For file type restriction, leave both continue boxes checked. If a request for a file comes in, the server will then check the ACL for the file type first.

    A Pathcheck function is created in the obj.conf file that might include wildcard patterns for files or directories. The entry in the ACL file would appear as follows: acl “*.cgi”;