Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

About Virtual Servers and Logging

The Sun Java System Web Server can have virtual server instances. Each virtual server within a Sun Java System Web Server instance has its own identity and may have its own log file. The use of separate log files for each virtual server can help track server activity for particular transactions and resources.

You can also direct logged messages from multiple virtual servers to one server log file. When so doing, you may wish to enable the logvsid in the LOG element of the server.xml file. This helps users to distinguish log messages originating from different virtual servers.

  <LOG file="/export//" 
loglevel="finest" logtoconsole="true" usesyslog="false" 
createconsole="false" logstderr="true" logstdout="true" 


In this example, the <LOG logvsid="true"> is responsible for including the virtual server ID in every log message. This allows you to differentiate between messages from different virtual servers. The absence of attribute errorlog in the VS element, causes all the virtual servers to log messages to a single file.