Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Viewing the Error Log File

The error log file contains errors that the server has encountered since the log file was created. It also contains information about the server, such as when the server was started. Unsuccessful user authentication is also recorded in the error log. Use the error log to find broken URL paths or missing files.

To view the Administration Server’s error log file, from the Administration Server, choose the Preferences tab, and choose the View Error Log Page.

To view a server instance’s error log file, from the Server Manager, choose the Logs tab, and choose the View Error Log Page.

To view an error log for an individual virtual server, from the Class Manager, select a virtual server to manage from the highlighted Manage Virtual Servers page, then click the link under the heading Error Log on the Virtual Server Manager page. You can specify the number of entries to view or entries with a conditional qualifier of your choice.

The following are two examples of entries in the error log; the first example shows an informational message indicating successful start up of the server, the second example indicates that the client requested the file report.html, but the file wasn’t in the primary document directory on the server.

[[22/Jan/2001:14:31:41] info (39700): successful server startup 
[22/Jan/2001:14:31:41] info (39700): SunJava System-WebServer/6.1 
BB1-01/22/2001 01:45
[22/Jan/2001:14:31:42] warning (13751): for host trying to 
GET /report.html, send-file reports: can’t find 
/usr1/irenem/ES60-0424/docs/report.html (File not found)