Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Enabling the Subagent

After you have installed the master agent that comes with the Administration Server, you must enable the subagent for your server instance before you attempt to start it. For more information on installing the master agent, see Installing the SNMP Master Agent. You can use the Server Manager to enable the subagent.

To stop the SNMP function on UNIX/Linux platforms, you must stop the subagent, followed by the master agent. If you stop the master agent first, you may not be able to stop the subagent. If that happens, restart the master agent, stop the subagent, and stop the master agent.

To enable the SNMP subagent, use the SNMP Subagent Configuration page in the Server Manager, and start the subagent from the SNMP Subagent Control page. For more information, see the corresponding sections in the online help.

Once you have enabled the subagent, you can start, stop or restart it from the SNMP Subagent Control Page or the Services Control Panel for Windows.

Note –

After making any SNMP configuration changes, you must click the Apply button and restart SNMP subagent.