Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Creating a Listen Socket

To create a listen socket, perform the following steps:

ProcedureTo create a listen socket

  1. From the Server Manager, click the Preferences tab.

  2. Click Add Listen Socket.

  3. Fill in the fields.

    Listen sockets must have a unique combination of port number and IP address. You can use either IPV4 or IPV6 addresses. If you want to create a listen socket for IP-address-based virtual servers, the IP address must be, ANY, any or INADDR_ANY, meaning it listens on all IP addresses on that port.

    You can also enable security (SSL) for this listen socket.

    The Server Name field specifies the host name in the URLs the server sends to the client. This field affects URLs the server automatically generates. It does not affect the URLs for directories and files stored in the server. This name should be the alias name if your server uses an alias.

  4. Click OK.