Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Deleting Version Files

The Delete Version Files page on the Java tab of the Server Manager allows you to delete the files that contain the version numbers for the JavaServer Pages class cache and the session data cache. This page has the following fields:

Clear Session Data

Deletes the SessionData directory, which stores persistent session information if the server uses the MMapSessionManager session manager.

Delete JSP ClassCache Files

Deletes the ClassCache directory, which caches information for JavaServer Pages (JSP). The default location of this directory is:


When the server serves a JSP page, it creates a .java and a .class file associated with the JSP and stores them in the JSP class cache under the ClassCache directory.

The server uses two directories to cache information for JSP and servlets:

When the server starts up, if it does not find the version files, it deletes the directory structure for the corresponding caches and re-creates the version files. Next time the server serves a JSP page, it recreates the JSP class cache. The next time the server serves a JSP page or servlet while using MMappedSessionManager session manager, it recreates the session data cache.

If a future upgrade of the server uses a different format for the caches, the server will check the number in the version file and clean up the caches if the version number is not correct.