Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Changing the Character Set

The character set of a document is determined in part by the language it is written in. You can override a client’s default character set setting for a document, a set of documents, or a directory by selecting a resource and entering a character set for that resource.

Netscape Navigator can use the MIME type charset parameter in HTTP to change its character set. If the server includes this parameter in its response, Netscape Navigator changes its character set accordingly. Examples are:

The following charset names recognized by Netscape Navigator are specified in RFC 1700 (except for the names that begin with x-):

  • us-ascii

  • iso-8859-1

  • iso-2022-jp

  • x-sjis

  • x-euc-jp

  • x-mac-roman

Additionally, the following aliases are recognized for us-ascii:

  • ansi_x3.4-1968

  • iso-ir-6

  • ansi_x3.4-1986

  • iso_646.irv:1991

  • ascii

  • iso646-us

  • us

  • ibm367

  • cp367


The following aliases are recognized for iso_8859-1:

  • latin1

  • iso_8859-1

  • iso_8859-1:1987

  • iso-ir-100

  • ibm819

  • cp819

To change the character set, perform the following steps.

ProcedureTo change the character set

  1. From the Class Manager, click the Content Management tab.

  2. Click International Characters.

  3. Choose Entire Server from the resource picker to apply your change to the whole class, or navigate to the document root for a specific virtual server, or to a specific directory or within a specific virtual server.

  4. Set the character set for all or part of the server.

    If you leave this field blank, the character set is set to NJava System.

  5. Click OK.

    For more information, see the online help for the International Characters page.