Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo access the Administration Server on Windows platforms

  1. Double-click the “Start Web Server Administration Server” icon, or type the following URL for starting the administration server in your browser:


    Sun Java System Web Server then displays a window prompting you for a user name and password.

  2. Type the administration user name and password you specified during installation.

    Sun Java System Web Server displays the Administration Server page.

    For more information, see the Administration Server page in the online help.

    Note –

    You must enable cookies in your browser to run the CGI programs which is necessary for configuring your server.

    You can also access the Administration Server from a remote location as long as you have access to client software such as Netscape Navigator. Since the Administrator Server is accessed through a browser, you can access it from any machine that can reach the server over the network.