Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo configure the JVM's path settings in the Administration interface

  1. Access the Server Manager and choose the Java tab.

  2. Click JVM Path Settings.

  3. Choose a suffix for the system’s classpath

  4. Choose whether to ignore the environment classpath.

    If you do not ignore the classpath, the CLASSPATH environment variable is read and appended to the Sun Java System Web Server classpath. The CLASSPATH environment variable is added after the classpathsuffix, at the very end.

    For a development environment, the classpath should be used. For a production environment, this classpath should be ignored to prevent environment variable side effects.

  5. Set a native library path prefix and suffix.

    The native library path is the automatically constructed concatenation of the Web Server installation relative path for its native shared libraries, the standard JRE native library path, the shell environment setting (LD_LIBRARY_PATH on UNIX), and any path specified in the profiler element. It does not appear explicitly in the server configuration, because the native library path is synthesized

  6. Click OK.