Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 NSAPI Programmer's Guide


The protocol_dump822 function prints headers from a specified pblock into a specific buffer, with a specified size and position. Use this function to serialize the headers so that they can be sent, for example, in a mail message.


char *protocol_dump822(pblock *pb, char *t, int *pos, int tsz);


A pointer to the buffer, which will be reallocated if necessary.

The function also modifies *pos to the end of the headers in the buffer.


pblock *pb is the pblock structure.

char *t is the buffer, allocated with MALLOC, CALLOC, or STRDUP.

int *pos is the position within the buffer at which the headers are to be dumped.

int tsz is the size of the buffer.

See Also

protocol_start_response, protocol_status