Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide

Specifying the From Host

You can restrict access to the Administration Server or to your web site based on which computer the request comes from.

If you select the Only From option, enter a wildcard pattern or a comma-separated list in the Host Names or IP Addresses fields. Restricting using hostname is more flexible than by IP address: if a user’s IP address changes, you will not need to update this list. Restricting by IP address, however, is more reliable: if a DNS lookup fails for a connected client, hostname restriction cannot be used.

You can only use the * wildcard notation for wildcard patterns that match the computers’ host names or IP addresses. For example, to allow or deny all computers in a specific domain, you would enter a wildcard pattern that matches all hosts from that domain, such as * You can set different hostnames and IP addresses for superusers accessing the Administration Server.

For hostnames, the * must replace an entire component of the name. That is, * is acceptable, but * is not. When the * appears in a hostname, it must be the left-most character. For example, * is acceptable, but users.*.com is not.

For the IP address, the * must replace an entire byte in the address. For example, 198.95.251.* is acceptable, but* is not acceptable. When the * appears in an IP address, it must be the right-most character. For example, 198.* is acceptable, but 198.*.251.30 is not acceptable.