Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide

Creating an ACL for a Directory Service Based on File Authentication

To create an ACL entry for a directory service based on file authentication, perform the following steps:

ProcedureTo create an ACL entry for a directory based service on file authentication

  1. Access the Server Manager and select the server instance for which you want to create or edit ACLs for.

  2. Choose the Preferences tab from the Server Manager.

  3. Click the Restrict Access link.

  4. From the Option column, choose the ACL file from the drop-down list and click Edit ACL.

  5. In the Access Control Rules page in the top frame, click the Users/Groups link for the ACL you want to edit.

  6. In the User/Group page in the bottom frame, from the Authentication database drop-down list, select keyfile.

  7. Click Update.

    When you set an ACL against a keyfile-based file authentication database, the dbswitch.conf file is updated with an ACL entry, like the sample entry given below:

    version 3.0;
      acl "default";
      authenticate (user) {
      prompt = "Sun One Web Server 6.1";
      database = "mykeyfile";
      method = "basic";
    deny (all) user = "anyone";
    allow (all) user = "all";