Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide

Setting Additional Document Directories

Most of the time, the documents for a virtual or server instance are in the primary document directory. Sometimes, you may want to serve documents from a directory outside of the document root. You can do this by setting additional document directories. By serving from a document directory outside of the document root, you can let someone manage a group of documents without giving them access to your primary document root.

If you set up an additional document directory without using variables, that directory will be set at the class level, and used by all virtual servers in the class.

If you want to set up additional document directories for individual virtual servers in the class, you must use variables so that the directory the URL prefix is mapped to is different for every virtual server.

ProcedureTo add an additional document directory

  1. From the Class Manager, click the Content Management tab.

  2. Click Additional Document Directories.

  3. Choose the URL prefix to map.

    Clients send this URL to the server when they want documents.

  4. Specify the directory to map those URLs to.

  5. Use an existing configuration style to specify how this directory should be configured.

  6. Click OK.

    For more information, see the online help for the Additional Document Directories page.

    By default, the server instance has several additional document directories. They have the following prefixes:

    • /manual

    • /servlet

    You should restrict access to these directories so that users cannot write to them. A sample ACL would be:

    deny (all) anyone;

    allow (rxli) all;

    allow (wd) privileged_user;