Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide

Create Virtual Server Class

Use this option of the create command to create a virtual server class.


HttpServerAdmin create -c -cl classname -docroot document_root [-obj 
obj.conf_file] [-acptlang accept_language] -d server_root -sinst http_instance


Use the parameters shown in Parameters with the create -c command option to create classes.

Table A–5 Create virtual server class parameter



-cl classname

The name of the class you want to create. 

-docroot document_root

The document root for the class. This has to be an absolute path. 

-obj obj.conf_file

(optional) The obj.conf file for the class. If you do not specify this parameter, the server creates the obj.conf file as classname.obj.conf. If you want a different name for the class’ obj.conf file, specify it here.

-acptlang accept_language

(optional) If you do not specify this parameter, acptlang will be off by default. 


HttpServerAdmin create -c -cl myclass1 -docroot /docs -d 
/export/sun/servers -sinst