Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide


The following table summarizes all the options that you need to create connection pools with the create -r command option.

Table A–8 Create connection pool parameters



poolname jdbcpoolname

The pool name for the JDBC connection pool. 

classname classname

The vendor-specific classname that implements the data source. 

steadypoolsize steadypoolsize

The minimum number of connections that must be maintained in the pool 

maxpoolsize maxpoolsize

The maximum number of connections allowed in the pool. 

poolresizequantity poolresizequantity

The size of the batch by which the pool is resized when the steadypoolsize value is approached.

idletimeout idletimeout

The maximum time in seconds that a connection can remain idle in the pool. 

maxwaittime maxwaittime

The amount of time the caller will wait before getting a connection timeout. 

connectionvalidation true/false

Specifies whether connections will be validated before they are passed to the application. 

connectionvalidationmethod connectionvalidationmethod

The methods that can employ to validate database connections. Legal values are auto-commit, meta-data, and table.

validationtablename validationtablename

The name of the table if connectionvalidationmethod is set to table. 

failall true/false

Specifies whether to fail all connections in the pool and re-establish them if a single connection is determined to have failed. 

desc description

The description of the pool. 

property propertyname=value

The name-value pairs that specify standard and proprietary JDBC connection pool properties