Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide


The following table summarizes all the options that you need to create a new mail resource with the create -r command option.

Table A–12 Create mail resource parameters



jndiname jndiname

The JNDI name of the resource. 

host host

The mail server host name. 

user user

The mail server user name. 

from from

The e-mail address the mail server uses to indicate the message sender. 

storeprotocol storeprotocol

Specifies the storage protocol service, which connects to a mail server, retrieves messages, and saves messages in folder(s). Example values are imap and pop3.

storeprotocolclass storeprotocolclass

Specifies the service provider implementation class for storage. 

You can find this class at: 

transportprotocol transportprotocol

Specifies the transport protocol service, which sends messages. 

transportprotocolclass transportprotocolclass

Specifies the service provider implementation class for transport. 

You can find this class at: 

enabled true/false

Determines whether this resource is enabled at runtime. Legal values are on, off, yes, no, 1, 0, true, false.

desc description

A description of the resource. 

property propertyname=value

The name-value pairs that specify the properties of the custom resource.