Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12 Administrator's Guide

The Default ACL File

After installation, the server_root/httpacl/generated.https-serverid.acl file provided default settings for the server. The server uses the working file genwork.https-serverid.acl until you create settings in the user interface. When editing an ACL file, you could make changes in the genwork file, then save and apply the changes using Sun Java System Web Server.

Sample genwork File.

version 3.0;
acl "default";
authenticate (user, group) {
  prompt = "Sun Java System Web Server";
allow (read, execute, info) user = "anyone";
allow (list, write, delete) user = "all";

acl "es-internal";
allow (read, execute, info) user = "anyone";
deny (list, write, delete) user = "anyone";

General Syntax Items

Input strings can contain the following characters:

If you use any other characters, you need to use double-quotation marks around the characters.

A single statement can be placed on its own line and be terminated with a semicolon. Multiple statements are placed within braces. A list of items must be separated by commas and enclosed in double-quotation marks.