Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12/SP13 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in Core.

Table 7 Known Issues in Core

Issue ID 



webservd child process orphaned when Solaris crypto softtoken ( is used in Web Server 6.1SP5 64-bit.

Workaround: This problem occurs only when the server is explicitly configured to use the Solaris softtoken. If you have to use fork(), Runtime.exec(), or <!--#exec cmd="..."-->, do not configure the server to use the Solaris softtoken.


Web server crashing configured with an NFS-mounted docroot directory

Web server crashes if NFS file is removed or replaced, while using NFS and MediumFileSizeLimit >0. Therefore, you should not use MediumFileSizeLimit>0, if the document root is mounted over NFS.


When Web server documents are residing on an NFS mount, as in NFS client, set MediumFileSizeLimit to 0 in nsfc.conf.


The index file is displayed from the web server config directory.

When Directory Indexing is set to 'None', web server throws a 500 error instead of a 404 error. The index file is also displayed from the config directory, exposing critical information.


The below modification to the obj.conf file rectifies the response; returning a 404 error without displaying the index file.

<Client type="magnus-internal/directory">
ObjectType fn="set-variable" error="403" noaction="true"
Service method="{GET|HEAD}" type="magnus-internal/directory" fn="send-error"
Service method="{GET|HEAD|POST}" type="*~magnus-internal/*" fn="send-file"
Service method="TRACE" fn="service-trace"