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Sun ONE Calendar Server 6.0 Installation Guide for Solaris Operating Systems

List of Tables

Table 1 Organization of the Sun ONE Calendar Server Installation Guide
Table 1-1 Deciding Which Schema to Use
Table 1-2 User Preferences Directory Options
Table 1-3 Calendar Server Administrator Options
Table 1-4 Email and Email Alarms Options
Table 1-5 Runtime Configuration Options
Table 1-6 Calendar Server Startup Options
Table 1-7 Database, Logs, and Temporary Files Directories Options
Table 2-1 Directory Server Setup Script ( Options
Table 3-1 Migration of Calendar Server 2.x Data
Table 3-2 Migration of LDAP Attributes
Table 3-3 ics2migrate Options
Table 3-4 Migration of Netscape Calendar Server 4.0 Data
Table 3-5 ncs4migrate Utility Options
Table 3-6 Directory Server Setup Script ( Worksheet
Table A-1 Administration, User Preferences and Authentication Panel Worksheet
Table A-2 Email and Email Alarms Worksheet
Table A-3 Runtime Configuration Worksheet
Table A-4 Database, Logs, and Temporary Files Directories Worksheet
Table B-1 Calendar Server OIDs in the LDAP Schema Directory

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