The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Undeploying Web Modules

You can undeploy web modules in four ways: you can use NetBeans IDE, the Admin Console, the asadmin command, or the Ant tool.

    To use NetBeans IDE:

  1. Ensure the Sun Java System Application Server is running.

  2. In the Runtime window, expand the Sun Java System Application Server instance and the node containing the application or module.

  3. Right-click the application or module and choose Undeploy.

    To use the Admin Console:

  1. Open the URL http://localhost:4848/asadmin in a browser.

  2. Expand the Applications node.

  3. Select Web Applications.

  4. Click the check box next to the module you wish to undeploy.

  5. Click the Undeploy button.

Use the asadmin command as follows:

asadmin undeploy context-root

To use the Ant tool, execute the following command in the directory where you built and packaged the WAR:

ant undeploy