The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Getting the Attribute Values

Before setting the values in the component class, the MapTag handler first gets the attribute values from the page by means of JavaBeans component properties that correspond to the attributes. The following code shows the property used to access the value of the immediate attribute.

private javax.el.ValueExpression immediate = null;

public void setImmediate(javax.el.ValueExpression immediate)
    this.immediate = immediate;

As this code shows, the setImmediate method takes a ValueExpression object. This means that the immediate attribute of the map tag accepts value expressions.

Similarly, the setActionListener and setAction methods take MethodExpression objects, which means that these attributes accept method expressions. The following code shows the properties used to access the values of the actionListener and the action attributes

private javax.el.MethodExpression actionListener = null;

public void setActionListener(
    javax.el.MethodExpression actionListener) {
    this.actionListener = actionListener;
private javax.el.MethodExpression action = null;

public void setAction(javax.el.MethodExpression action) {
        this.action = action;