The WSIT Tutorial


You can create a WSDL file by hand or retrieve it from an existing web service by simply pointing a web browser at the web service’s URL. The snippet shown below illustrates how to enable the WSIT Reliable Messaging technology in a WSDL file.

<wsp:Policy wsu:Id="AddNumbers_policy">
                <wsrm:InactivityTimeout Milliseconds="600000"/>
                <wsrm:AcknowledgementInterval Milliseconds="200"/>

For a complete example of a WSDL file, see the AddNumbers.wsdl file in the fromwsdl example. Another benefit of the AddNumbers.wsdl file is that it shows how a WSIT-enabled WSDL is constructed. Therefore, you can use it as a reference when you create a WSDL file or modify an existing one.