The WSIT Tutorial

Verifying Deployment

A basic test to verify that the application has deployed properly is to use a web browser to retrieve the application’s WSDL from its hosting web container. The following URLs retrieve the WSDL from each of the two example services. If you are running your web browser and web container on different machines, you need to replace localhost with the name of the machine hosting your web service.

Note –

Before testing, make sure your web container is running.

If the browser displays a page of XML tags, the web service has been deployed and is working. If not, check the web container log for any error messages related to the sample WAR you have just deployed. For GlassFish, the log can be found at as-install/domains/domain1/logs/server.log. For Apache Tomcat, the appropriate log file can be found at tomcat-home/logs/catalina.out.