The WSIT Tutorial

Creating a Client from Java

To create a client from Java, you must create the following files:

The build.xml and files are standard in any Ant build environment. Examples of these files are provided in the wsit-enabled-fromjava sample directory.

Client Java File (fromjava)

The client Java file defines the functionality of the web service client. The following code shows the file that is provided in the sample.

package fromjava.client;
import java.rmi.RemoteException;

public class AddNumbersClient {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
        AddNumbersImpl port = null;
        try {
            port = new AddNumbersImplService().getAddNumbersImplPort();
            int number1 = 10;
            int number2 = 20;
            System.out.printf ("Invoking addNumbers(%d, %d)\n",
                    number1, number2);
            int result = port.addNumbers (number1, number2);
            System.out.printf (
                    "The result of adding %d and %d is %d.\n\n",
                     number1, number2, result);

            number1 = -10;
            System.out.printf ("Invoking addNumbers(%d, %d)\n",
                    number1, number2);
            result = port.addNumbers (number1, number2);
            System.out.printf (
                    "The result of adding %d and %d is %d.\n",
                     number1, number2, result);
        } catch (AddNumbersException_Exception ex) {
            System.out.printf (
                    "Caught AddNumbersException_Exception: %s\n",
                     ex.getFaultInfo ().getDetail ());
        } finally {

This file specifies two positive integers that are to be added by the web service, passes the integers to the web service and gets the results from the web service by using the port.addNumbers method, and prints the results to the screen. It then specifies a negative number to be added, gets the results (which should be an exception), and prints the results (the exception) to the screen.

Client Configuration File (fromjava)

The client configuration file defines the URL of the web service WSDL file. It is used by the web container wsimport tool to access and consume the WSDL and to build the stubs that are used to communicate with the web service.

The custom-client.xml file provided in the wsit-enabled-fromjava sample is shown below. The wsdlLocation and the package name xml tags are unique to each client and are highlighted in bold text

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <bindings node="wsdl:definitions">
        <package name="fromjava.client"/>