The WSIT Tutorial

@XmlType Annotation - Simple Content

Guideline: A class can be mapped to a complexType with a simpleContent using @XmlValue annotation. .NET binds the Java property annotated with @XmlValue to a property with name "value".

Example: Class to complexType with simpleContent

//-- Java code fragment
public class InternationalPrice
    public java.math.BigDecimal price;
    @XmlAttribute public String currency;

//-- Schema fragment
<xs:complexType name="internationalPrice">
        <xs:extension base="xs:decimal">
            xs:attribute name="currency" type="xs:string"/>

// .NET auto generated code from schema
public partial class internationalPrice
    private string currencyField;
    private decimal valueField;
    public string currency
        get { return this.currencyField; }
        set { this.currencyField = value;}

    public decimal Value
        get { return this.valueField; }
        set { this.valueField = value;}