Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Release Notes


This section describes known issues and associated solutions related to the packaging of the software code for the Enterprise Server 2.1 product.

AIX: monitor command doesn't work on AIX (6655731)


The monitor command cannot be run on the AIX operating system because the library file is not packaged in Enterprise Server 2.1.

ProcedureSolution: To Install the Missing Library File

  1. Download the JAR file from.

  2. Change to the directory to where you downloaded the appserv-native-9.1.1-b16a.jar file.

    prompt% cd destination-dir
  3. Extract the contents of the appserv-native-9.1.1-b16a.jar file.

    prompt% jar xf appserv-native-9.1.1-b16a.jar
  4. Copy the file to the as-install/lib directory.

    prompt% cp as-install/lib