Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Release Notes

Upgrading the Enterprise Server on the Ubuntu Operating System

On the Ubuntu Linux operating system, installing GlassFish v2 does not override an existing installation of GlassFish v1. The asadmin script in /usr/bin administers GlassFish v2. To administer GlassFish v1, use its local asadmin utility in /usr/share/sunappserver/bin. To upgrade the v1 domain to v2, use the asupgrade tool located in /usr/share/glassfishv2/bin.

Using the global asadmin script to start a v1 domain results in the upgrade tool being invoked automatically. However, this causes an error due to a bug that uses the default domain location of the server for other (non-Ubuntu) platforms. To avoid this error, use the asupgrade tool instead.