Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Quick Start Guide

ProcedureTo Start the Domain on Windows

To start the Domain Administration Server, start the default domain, domain 1.

  1. From the Explorer window or desktop, right click My Computer.

  2. Choose Properties to display the System Properties dialog.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Click Environment Variables.

  5. In the User variables section:

    • If a PATH variable exists, verify that as-install\bin exists in the path: as-install\bin;other_entries. If as-install\bin does not exist in the PATH variable, add it.

    • If a PATH variable is not present, click New. In Variable Name, type PATH. In Variable Value, type the path to the server’s bin directory: as-install\bin. Click OK to commit the change.

  6. Add a new environment variable AS_ADMIN_USER and set it to the Administrative User Name that you assigned during installation.

  7. Click OK to commit the change and close the remaining open windows.

  8. Start the Enterprise Server by clicking the Start Admin Server option within the Programs menu.

  9. When a command prompt window opens to prompt you for the admin password and the master password, enter the passwords that you provided during installation.

    When you are prompted for the user, admin password, and the master password, enter your user name and the passwords that you provided during installation. The default admin user name is admin and the password is adminadmin. The default master password is changeit.

    Note –

    If you do not find the Start Admin Server option in your menu, open the Windows Command Prompt and type the following command: asadmin start-domain domain1

    When the startup process has completed, you see an additional message:

    Domain domain1 started.Press any key to continue ...

    Each domain has a corresponding profile: enterprise, cluster, or developer. domain1 is created with the default profile, which is defined in the AS_ADMIN_PROFILE variable defined in the asadminenv.conf file. For more information on profiles see the Usage Profiles in Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide. If domain1 was created with developer profile, when you log in to the Admin Console, you cannot use features such as clustering and node agents. To use clusters and server instances, use the create-domain command to create a domain with cluster profile. For information on creating domains, type asadmin create-domain --help or see create-domain(1).

  10. Press a key to close the message window.