Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Quick Start Guide

ProcedureTo Deploy the Hello Application Using Autodeploy

The Hello application is contained in a Web ARchive (WAR) file in the samples/quickstart directory. Packaged applications can also be in the form of a Java ARchive (JAR) or Enterprise ARchive (EAR) file.

Alternatively, you can download this application from

Copying to a domain’s autodeploy directory lets you put a pre-packaged application into use immediately, with minimal effort.

  1. Find as-install/samples/quickstart/hello.war or download from

  2. Copy hello.war to the as-install/domains/domain1/autodeploy/ directory.

    Tip –

    On Windows, you can create a shortcut to the autodeploy directory on your desktop, and then drag and drop the hello.war file onto the shortcut.

    When the server has finished deploying the application, it creates a file named hello.war_deployed in the autodeploy directory. Depending on the speed of your system, the process can take a few seconds. Until that file appears, a 404-File Not Found error occurs when you try to visit the application page.

  3. Access this URL to visit the application page: http://hostname:HTTPport/hello.

    You see the application’s first page, which prompts you to fill in your name:

  4. Type your name and click Submit.

    The application displays a customized response, giving you a personal Hello.

    Hello application