Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide

JMS Destination Resources

JMS destinations serve as the repositories for messages. Using the Admin Console, you can create, modify or delete JMS Destination Resources. To create a new JMS Destination Resource, select Resources >JMS Resources >Destination Resources. In the Destination Resources page, you can specify the following:

To manage JMS destinations using the command-line utility, use create-jms-resource, or delete-jms-resource command.

Tip –

To specify the addresslist property (in the format host:mqport,host2:mqport,host3:mqport) for asadmin create-jms-resource command, escape the : by using \\. For example, host1\\:mqport,host2\\:mqport,host3\\:mpqport.

For more information on using escape characters, see the asadmin(8) man page.