Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide

Securing the Sample Application

The Enterprise Server ships with a sample application named xms. The xms application features a simple web service that is implemented by both a J2EE EJB endpoint and a Java Servlet endpoint. Both endpoints share the same service endpoint interface. The service endpoint interface defines a single operation, sayHello, which takes a string argument, and returns a String composed by pre-pending Hello to the invocation argument.

The xms sample application is provided to demonstrate the use of the Enterprise Server’s WS-Security functionality to secure an existing web services application. The instructions which accompany the sample describe how to enable the WS-Security functionality of the Enterprise Server such that it is used to secure the xms application. The sample also demonstrates the binding of WS-Security functionality directly to the application (as described in Configuring Application-Specific Web Services Security application.

The xms sample application is installed in the directory: as-install/samples/webservices/security/ejb/apps/xms/.

For information on compiling, packaging, and running the xms sample application, refer to the Securing Applications chapter of the Developers’ Guide.