Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide

Monitoring Web Services

Admin console can track and graphically display operational statistics for web services, and can display messages sent and received by web services.

To enable monitoring for a web service, with Admin Console, select Applications > Web Services > web-service-name | Monitor | Configuration.

In the Monitoring Configuration page, set the monitoring level:

Enter a value for the Message History. The default is 25. Click the Reset button to clear all statistics and the running averages are restarted.

Viewing Web Service Statistics

Enterprise Server provides capabilities to track and graphically display the operational statistics of a web service.

View monitoring statistics at Applications > Web Services > web-service-name | Monitor | Statistics. The statistics available are:

Monitoring Web Service Messages

You can also configure a web service to view messages (default is 25) for a web service endpoint. These messages are stored in the memory of remote server instances. Details of SOAP request, response, and HTTP header information are displayed.

Monitor web service messages at Applications > Web Services > web-service-name | Monitor | Messages.

When enabled, you can see the last few (default is 25) messages for a web service end point. These messages are kept in memory of the remote server instances, including details of SOAP requests and responses and HTTP header information.

Displays a list of messages received for the web service. The number of messages displayed depends on the monitoring configuration.

You can also select a filter to view only the success messages or the failure messages.