Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide

Service Command

The service command allows you to configure the starting of the Domain Administration Server (DAS).

Table C–24 Service Command




Configures the starting of a DAS on an unattended boot. On Solaris 10, this command uses the Service Management Facility (SMF). This is a local command and must be run as the OS-level user with superuser privileges. It is available only for Solaris 10. When the service is created, the user has to start, enable, disable, delete, or stop the service. The DAS must be stored on a folder to which the super-user has access. The configuration cannot be stored on a network file system. The service is created such that it is controlled by the OS-level user, who owns the folder where the configuration of the DAS resides. To run this command, you must have solaris.smf.* authorization.