Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Guide

Domain Administration Server (DAS)

Each domain has its own Domain Administration Server (DAS) with a unique port number. The Admin Console communicates with a specific DAS to administer the associated domain. Each Admin Console session allows you to configure and manage the specific domain.

The Domain Administration Server (DAS), is a specially-designated application server instance that hosts the administrative applications. The DAS authenticates the administrator, accepts requests from administration tools, and communicates with server instances in the domain to carry out the requests. The DAS is sometimes referred to as the admin server or default server. It is referred to as the default server because it is the only server instance that gets created on Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server installation and can be used for deployments. The DAS is simply a server instance with additional administration capabilities.

Each Admin Console session allows you to configure and manage a single domain. If you created multiple domains, you must start an additional Admin Console session to manage the other domains. When specifying the URL for the Admin Console, be sure to use the port number of the DAS associated with the domain to be administered.