Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Administration Reference


The following table describes attributes for the transaction-service element.

Table 1–181 transaction-service Attributes





false (developer profile)

true (cluster and enterprise profiles)

(optional) If true, the server instance attempts transaction recovery during startup.



(optional) Specifies the amount of time after which the transaction is aborted. If set to 0, the transaction never times out.


directory specified by the log-root attribute of the domain element

(optional) Specifies the parent directory of the transaction log directory instance-name/tx. The directory in which the transaction logs are kept must be writable by the user account under which the server runs. A relative path is relative to the log-root attribute of the domain element.



(optional) If the outcome of a distributed transaction cannot be determined because other participants are unreachable, this property determines the outcome. Allowed values are rollback and commit.



(optional) Determines the retry time in the following scenarios: 

  • At the transaction recovery time, if resources are unreachable.

  • If there are any transient exceptions in the second phase of a two phase commit protocol.

    A negative value specifies infinite retries. A value of 0 (zero) specifies no retries. A positive value indicates the time after which a retry is attempted.


65536 (64 K)

(optional) Specifies the number of transactions between keypoint operations in the log. Keypoint operations reduce the size of the transaction log file by compressing it. A larger value for this attribute results in a larger transaction log file, but fewer keypoint operations and potentially better performance. A smaller value results in smaller log files, but slightly reduced performance due to the greater frequency of keypoint operations.