Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Troubleshooting Guide

Is There a Shortage of HADB Data Device Space?


One possible reason for transaction failure is running out of data device space. If this situation occurs, HADB will write warnings to the history file, and abort the transaction which tried to insert and/or update data.

Typical messages are:

HIGH LOAD: about to run out of device space, ...
HIGH LOAD: about to run out of device space on mirror node, ...

The general rule of thumb is that the data devices must have room for at least four times the volume of the user data. Please refer to the Tuning Guide for additional explanation.

Solution 1

Increase the size of the data devices using the following command:

hadbm set DeviceSize=size

This solution requires that there is space available on the physical disks which are used for the HADB data devices on all nodes.

HADBM automatically restarts each node of the database.

Solution 2

Stop and delete the HADB, and create a new instance with more nodes and/or larger data devices and/or several data devices per node. Unfortunately, using this solution will erase all persistent data and the schemas created by the Application Server. See the Administrator's Guide for more information about this procedure.