Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Troubleshooting Guide


Creation of an HADB domain comprising some host names appears to succeed, and the listdomain command confirms it:

$hadbm listdomain -w admin
Hostname Enabled? Running? Release  Interfaces
host1 Yes      Yes      V4-4-1-3
host2 Yes      Yes      V4-4-1-3

The database is then created with the hadbm create command, and the appropriate host names including the full domain names are used as parameters for the --hosts option:

$ hadbm create,

The following error is then returned:

hadbm:Error 22176: The host is not registered in the
HADB management domain. Use hadbm createdomain to set up the management
domain or hadbm extenddomain to include new hosts in an existing domain.